Sunday, 30 June 2013

Building an Extension

What Katy has needed for a while is an extension to give us a bit more space when we're parked up and somewhere to have some shade if its hot

After some research I worked out that a Sunncamp ultima 180 should fit so we bought a second hand one and I've fashioned a rail to fit it so instead of a land rover item for many hundreds we have a solution for about £50. Here it is at the first trial fit 

You can see from this shot that this is just tied onto the roof rack which putt it a bit our of position and too high 

 There was this three inch gap at the bottom which should be sorted out when I get some awning roof rail properly installed, and also one of the doors is going to be a problem with the gas canister cupboard, but that we'll have to live with as I'm not moving it

So all in all it looks positive. Some awning rail and some brackets to hold it at the right place on the back of Katy and make the canvas reach thr groubd and some sharp edges on the gas cupbaord to sort out so we don't tear it

There's a lot more to do, but every little. We do is a step forward towards a really useable camper

Monday, 10 June 2013

Pencoed 2013

Once again the SWLRC team attended the Pencoed Car show

Once again we had an impressive stand with many excellent and varied vehicles

 However the weather was not with us this year and the horizontal rain put paid to pleasant car viewing

 I did have a nice chat with the owner of this paramedic vehicle. Not a full ambulance, but a nice addition to my collection of Land Rover Ambulance variants. This one has been fitted with many radio's for display

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