Friday, 26 May 2017

Cardiff Car Show 2017

With a successful MOT and a cleaned Katy I planned to head out for the Cardiff Car Show early, to meet up with the rest of SWLRC and then drive in together.

Two problems delayed me from doing that: -
  • Server / network maintenance had over run at work 
  • I could not find my keys anywhere
The latter was the biggest issue as the lost keys had the house key on and I had worries about leaving in case someone had picked them up. 

A full 2 hours later I found the keys in the garage where I had obviously put them and was finally able to set off and belatedly join the team at the event. 

Overall it was a good show, better than 2 years ago certainly, I think the new location is starting to gather people in or maybe that was just the excellent weather

The SWLRC highlight of the day had to be Pete Phillips entry in the main ring, which I was able to record with my new camera  

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