Friday, 1 March 2013

MOT 2013

Happy St Davids day to you all, especially anyone in Wales of course

A good day to be happy in many ways

1. We had a wonderful meal last night to celebrate that Rhian and I met 20 years ago yesterday.

We met up with the people who had organised that event which was a photoshoot in an abandoned mine. Rhian always says the best way to appreciate me is to not be able to see me properly :-)

2. Katy passed her MOT again

I'd dropped her off with Steve with a few small jobs I'd not had time to do - Trackrod ends which I'm told were a real pain as they were seized, and he identified in a pre-check that the rear brakes were weeping so needed to change the master cylinder and pads as they had been contaminated, but legal for another 12 months is a great place to be

Here's the new parts in place at the front. No pics of the rear as it's all internal and I wasn't there

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