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This blog is the adventures of Land Rover Katy She's the Star

She's a 127 wheelbase Land Rover Marshalls' Ambulance who's already been converted to a camper and had massive adventures going to Africa and back and is now resident in South Wales in the UK. After leaving the Army she went cream and was fitted out as a camper van and owned by at least 3 people before landing in farmyard behind a barn on the top of a hillside in Lancashire.

At 23 years old at the time of this current purchase she's not pristine so this adventure intends to be one of refurbishment and refitting and hopefully a whole new useful life to come

Why am I writing this ?

I've always looked back on adventures and thought I wish I had written down my thoughts at the time, and for once I'm doing something that I hope people will be interested in. Also the technology and ease of the blogging platform means I can access this and add to it from multiple places and platforms so I am no longer limited to working on on a single device

It's also a place I can record what I learn about Land Rovers, what they are, how they are built and the different types and problems and solutions there are out there which means not every post will be about Katy, Rhian and me, but I hope people will find what I;m writing interesting and useful 

So I do hope you enjoy reading about Katy and our adventures

About me
There is a detailed About Me page on my Photo Blog so I'm not going to repeat it here, basically I'm a bit of a JOAT with some knowledge and skills in some areas, but in everything I do I know someone who's better at it 

What do I know about Land Rovers.. I have to admit that' I'm clearly in the Novice / Improver / Getting there Class.(is it OK with you all if I update that as I'm in my 7th year of land Rover ownership) 

I used to do my own car maintenance back in the days when I had a Mark II Ford Escort which had 2 new engines and a complete brake system rebuild in it's time. Then things got too complex as I started getting newer car with warranties and ECU's leading up to the Grand Vitara which I had for 16 years and I admit I did nothing to. It got a dealer service at every interval. Update in 2016 - that one finally died of terminal gearbox failure just before it would have got to the moon.I couldn't purchase a Land Rover to replace it despite trying so i bought another..

At least Land Rovers are back to that type of  technologies where getting back into some maintenance myself is possible. I'm planning go use the services of a local friend / mechanic to help and advise and maybe do major jobs

About the Wife

She's the other star in this story, she's been supportive of me in the dark days when I had an undriveable expensive vehicle on the drive. and I was lying underneath it trying to make things work and whatever I touched I found another problem

Linksto my other in-line activities


ShenstonePhoto.blogspot.com  - Personal Photoblog Site

CardiffNaturalists.blogspot.com/ - Local Wildlife group News pages

SouthWalesGeology.blogspot.com/ - South Wales Geology Blog

Websites I maintain

http://www.cardiffnaturalists.org.uk/ - Local Wildlife group

Land Rover Katy is not sponsored or funded by any of the products we show. If there are positive comments about anything that's because we have liked the product. if its negative that will be shared as well

All text and photographs copyright in this blog A J Kendall unless otherwise stated and all rights are reserved. Please feel free to refer people here and link to my posts, but please don't just take content without asking


  1. I'd like to get into contact with you to see if we could do an article on Katy and yourself. I write for The Landy newspaper and think she could be an excellent feature vehicle. Please email me back or give me a ring to have a chat.

    Mike Trott
    01283 553243

  2. Hello < I am the owner of the landy that used to be 63 KG 47 , I am currently in France

  3. Hi Mary, its nice to hear from you and I hope that its behaving it'self in suitable Gallic style



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