Sunday, 8 June 2014

Some time to work on her

It's been really slow here recently. pressure of work and frequent trips away have meant that I've had little or no time to work on Katy or even to enjoy driving her

Some work that is needed for use this year is to replace the awing rail, the one I fitted was damaged going under s tree (it was on a bracket on the roof rack) and I need to do it properly so we can use the awing this year.

Also I got around to removing the 3 way fridge I had fitted in Katy today and I discovered one of the problems in that the flue was never sealed by the "supposedly professional" camper van maintenance company that did the fitting - hence the fume smell that we had that meant I had to turn it off all the time we were in it, especially overnight

BTW the company mentioned above was the ones who fitted an electrical system that drained the battery nearly leading me to missing the road run last year, I'm not going to post their name here, but if you are in South Wales and want to get in touch please do and I'll not recommend any aspect of their work
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