Saturday, 2 January 2016

2015 summary

It's been a quiet year in the Land Rover Katy world as my work has taken me all over the world and has left little time for Land Rover fun, Even when I have been here the weather has been awful

Back in January I bemoaned that Katy was going Green because of algae growing on her poor paintwork - well, it's as bad as ever and given the state of the year we have had even our white house looks like it needs a full Jetwash.

Then in February I pondered and was answered on the question of whether Katy went to Rwanda

We hit the press twice last year as I had an article in March when our Alps adventures were published in Total Off Road, and again in the Landy magazine in may

In June I had the pleasure of being able to share pictures of Katy in Croatia on this blog

In preparation for the SWLRC Road run in September we had declas made of her original markings and we showed these off again on the club stand at the Margam Classic Car Show

Refurbishments were in the main fixing things I had done badly with a leaking roof and a non working window to be sorted out, but there are plans in place for some more refurbishments and improvements in 2016

As a point in trivia I exported this blog and the Ambulances research page into MS Word format and given some reformatting they come out at 362 and 171 A4 pages each and at 54422 and 18216 words respectively which means I have written 533 pages and 72638 words in total.

I only stated it as something for me to be able to remember the work I had done and somewhere to share some information with a few friends. When I did this review at the start of the year the page reads on this blog were just 44,000, now they stand at just below 60,000. I really do hope that people have found this blog useful, from the comments and emails I have received I do think that is the case, but if you have any comments or feedback I would appreciate hearing from you via the comments options at the bottom of every post or page, or failing that via the email link on the right hand side of the blog

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