Sunday, 16 September 2012

Tredegar Show 2012

Last year at the Tredegar Vintage Car show I met a bunch of nutters really nice people called the South Wales Land Rover Club

I joined them and have stated having adventures with them

I went on Saturday night to set-up the stand with some of the guys and when they all went home, Katy and I stayed on our own on the field. I mean when The wife is away and you have a campervan, some bottles of beer and a sleeping bag what's the point in going home

So this morming we awoke to a dewy and empty field

It wasn't too long before the gan arrived and in very short order we had the stand looking very professional. Katy seems to have taken a liking to holding up flagpoles as you can see from this picture

One of the Highlights of this years show was definitely the Toy Landrover that Dave has made. It's not complete, but is already in a driveable state as you can see from the gang having a ride on it below

We also had our tame mechanic working on the broken Landy which was the centrepiece of the stand. His workrate isn't that good as he was under there all day and didn't manage to fix it. He's quite a quiet chap though and not demanding of cups of tea like most mechanics I've met

All in all the weather was OK and we had a great time, and from the number of people who stoped to ask questions I think Katy is becoming a firm favourite at these shows.

She's still the only Marshalls Ambulnace I've seen at any of them so quite a rare sight. I'm trying to find how many were made and if I do find it out I'll add it to the story

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Speech House 2012

Having put the new wheels on it was time for a test drive, and what better to do than got to a classic car show

I had found that there was a show at Speech House in the Forest of Dean today so headed up there this morning for a look around

As usual at these things there was a good show of Land Rovers, mostly belonging to the Forest of Dean Land Rover Group including this tidy piece of Limestone

However probably the star of the whole show was this superbly restored Series 1 which has been done out as an RAC van. Speaking to the owner he'd seen a few AA Vans, but never an RAC one so he decided to do it in that style. 

It was very busy in the car park but I couldn't resist getting a picture of Katy with her new wheels on in a Lay-by in the Forest. She was driving well - every little improvement seems to be helping. I'm not sure about the black wheels they may yet get painted cream like the rest of her

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Wheely Nice

Latest update on this is I have the new wheels in place - the easy way

Steve who runs the Discount Tyres Cardiff Branch lives about 100 foot away and picked her up as his transport to work this morning and dropped her off again on his way home

The was job done at a very reasonable rate which included fitting all the new longer studs. It would have taken me ages and I would still have had to have the tyres changed

He was really good as well and they spent effort balancing the wheels using weights only on  the back to make the wheels look theie best, and they carefully replaced the wheels where they had been and kept the unused spare still unused and tidy

I do like using professionals some times, it really makes a difference to your day when you have a job well done

So now I have three 5 1/2 rims and two 6 1/2 military rims, and 20 used, but reasonable wheel studs looking for new homes if anyone wants to make me an offer

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