Sunday, 27 October 2013

Inspiration in the Rain

I tried working outside this morning, but it was awful. There's a storm forecast in the UK. It's said to be one of the works in about 30 years, but who believes's the Met office

So I'm spending some time looking things up on the internet and I thought that some of the people who drop in here may find some of the sites I look at from time to time useful as an inspiration

These are people in the 127 group who have made some wonderful trips and updates to their vehicles

John and Jean's wonderful Locomotors 127 has one of the nicest looking interiors I have seen

John and Edith Diggles adventures in "Liberator" give me something to look forward to doing when I get close to retirement and have more time

Joe and Jeanette seem to have loads of wonderful adventures in their well put together "Soletraveller" 

Ash and Gill in their well traveled Florence (and Joe)

Have fun reading :-)

p.s. I've bought loads of new toys to fit to Katy so when I get some decent weather there is lots to say

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