Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Expensive Alternatives and Ideas

We were heading north with a team from work to have a quick walk up Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon (known as the Three Peaks Challenge) We stopped off in the motorway services near Carlisle for fuel and food

As we drove in one of my colleagues said "I think there's something that will interest you", and he was right

This is an Azalai 130 Camper which is an incredible vehicle in terms of specification, but even more so in price.The companies website states "Vehicles are built to order and to the customer's specifications so it is not possible to give a firm price on the website."

Anyway it was very nice to speak to the owner and to be able to take a good look around it as I've been thinking of Flatdog Azalai Camper springs for Katy and it was great to be able to take a look at the set-up which included double shocks which some of the members of the 127 group have adopted for their own vehicles

In the chat I had with it's owner he was not complimentary of the fact that the 1st engine he had had in it had lasted only 1000 miles which is not much for something that's going to have cost so much. even so he now really liked it and it performed well and did everything he wanted to in getting him and his radio kit ( he was a ham) up to interesting places such as the Shetlands which is where he was heading

He was complimentary of the performance, handling and build so I guess you do get something for all that money

After that we headed up to Fort William to start our walk and whilst waiting (interminably) for the organizers to get around to it I went outside for a walk and found this being driven by some artillery guys on their way back from the Hebrides to Southampton.

As an alternative these are starting to come on the market, but at £21k it's a lot of money so Katy is safe for now (she also looks nicer)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Pencoed 2012

Katy has been to Pencoed .. it's where I work, but she failed to get to the classic car show last year because of her gearbox problems so it was with great pleasure that we lines up with the rest of the South Wales Land Rover club members at Junction 33 ready for the first classic car show we (Rhian Katy and I) have done as an exhibit. here she is waiting patiently at the back

Having got there the 1st order of the day was to set-up our club stand which we did without too much of a problem. Having a camper proved useful when the gas bottle wasn't able to be attached to the burners 

So here is the team around the Series Land Rover that  was stuck on a hole (at least that's what we kept telling the local kids

Some of the team decided to try and pull it out

but did no better than the kids

Who decided to try and shift Wayne's defender instead

And some more arty shots just because I wanted to ...

And Finally a supermodel on the bonnet.. she did suggest wearing just a bikini, but I think she'd forgotten it
(that's Rhian talking to her Dad by the way - he was there with his Morris 8 Series E)

It was a fantastic day out and we had a wonderful time and we were certainly the best stand there
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