Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Got it

I was working from home and getting ready for a trip today so in my "lunch time" I went for that part, and I did some thinking

In the last 20 years I've owned 3 cars. My Suzuki Grand Vitara (last 10 years) and before that 2 Lada Samara's

I didn't know where the local car parts shops were

I bought my Land Rover in February

I now know, not only the locations of Foundry 4x4, Bearmach, Europart and Unipart.

I also know the locations of 2 other local independents an exhaust specalist and ALL branches of Halfords in the area... and their opening hours

and all of their opening hours.

I got the part though -

Cost of the part £3.00 +vat

Cost of the round trip with petrol and the fact I bought 2 magazimes whilst I was there about £15.00

Saturday, 5 November 2011

One £3.50 Part missing

I tried to complete the Exhaust work today

The centre box is nwo blowing quite badly - it's got worse since the rear section went on, maybe I dislodged some rust or maybe the backpressure on not having something resembling a piece of lace behind it and therefore some backpressure was the final straw

It came loose from the back section easily as those were new nuts and bolts from when I did the centre section. It would not come loose from the next section forwards (the extra bit in a 130) because the nuts had been rounded off and were solid

Oo iff with the front of that section which has been off before when we did the gearbox work and I sawed the recalcitrant joint apart.

However on fittin git again I realised I needed 2 of the join olives and I only had one.

Bearmach was closed so I searched all the other local parts shops to no avail

Maybe I'll finish the job next time

Oh and she's still leaking in the door seals so the latest round of that has not been sucessful either
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