Saturday, 9 February 2013


We made it up to the Yorkshire Dales

The new suspension really made a difference on the country roads. We can now go into corners with some confidence and the whole driving experience is improved

Katy only blotted her record once with a loose connection to the starter motor - another fix for the list, but once wobbled we were able to get out for some adventures

This is some classic British engineering in front of more of the same. Katy parked near the Ribble Head Viaduct a real trainspotters place of worship. It was being planned to be demolished until Michael Portill stopped those plans and made them refurbish it

We managed a bit of off-roading on the lane up to Alum Pot which is a real cavers place.. it's got dry bits

And damp bits...

To finish the Cave Rescue Organization based in Clapham where we were staying had a practise on Sunday morning so we just had to move along and join the line-up for a picture

A wonderful part of the world well worth a visit
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