This site is starting to be used by quite a number of people looking at the "how to" postings

To make it easier I'm going to put an index of key pages in the correct order (blogs of course display the events in reverse order). These posts cover the work to do these upgrades. There are others available with more information on the problems and results and more general information on topics using the labels available to filter posts at the right had side of the site

Now this page is up and running I am starting to re edit some of the posts to add some more information and pictures to make them more useful

Replacing the Gear Box and Transfer Box

I have replaced the R380 Gearbox and LT230 Transfer Box. Both needed replacing so it was best to do them both at the same time. 

Removal of Prop shafts, Transmission Brake, Transfer Box and Gearbox

Refitting of the Clutch and Gearbox

Refitting of Transfer Box

Refitting the Propshafts and  a summary of tips from my experience

Replacing the Suspension

Springs and Shocks 

Replacing the Rear Springs and S\hocks was a fairly straightforward task with just a bit of a struggle dealing with the inner helper springs which made access to the bolts that hold the spring down quite difficult. People talk about needing a spring compressor, but if you detach the damper (shock absorber) and the anti-roll bar it's quite easy as these pictures show

Replacing the Front Springs and S\hocks was even easier, especially once you take off the upper turret cover in the engine bay. I used a trolley jack on this change to stop the front axle dropping too far and breaking brake pipes

Anti Roll Bars

Replacing the Rear anti Roll Bar linkages and bushes was absolutely a simple job. Just undo the bolts, knock them out and fit it all again

Replacing the Rear Anti Roll Bar was almost as simple as the linkages job. The new bar was heavier so I used a G clamp to hold it in place whilst I did the nuts and bolts 

Fitting a Front Anti Roll bar was the icing on the cake in terms of body Roll improvements, It took some more work because the  fittings supplied with the kit did not want to work with the thixker strengthened suspension

Wheels, Offsets and Options 

Deciding what to do with mismatched wheels took some investigation. The description of the military wheel shown here was the start of trying to track down a pair of the correct ones for less than £250 per rim which was the cheapest I could find them for

I described the information I received about whether to use spacers (advised against my many people) or different offset wheels, and the effect that getting the wrong wheels on the front made to the turning circle and led to a problem that would have been an MOT failure

I finally settled on a set of new Wolf wheels. These are made of thicker 8mm steel, and some people say that these can be fitted on the existing studs. However most people agree that you really should fit a set of the longer 60mm studs to be sure on the MOT. I just wanted the nuts to be fully on whatever an MOT tester thought. I don't like the idea of nuts coming off and if they are only half on the first place it seemed too much of a risk to me

What's to come?

Some electrics, getting the fridge working correctly and I'll be starting some work on the engine some time. It's running OK, but is leaking a little oil which I'd like to sort out.once and for all


  1. Hi,
    I have just measured our Pulse 130 Battlefield ambulance, these are the dimensions:5200mm (length) x 2820mm (height) x 2120mm (width). I often see the dimensions you quote and I have no idea how they arrive at them from a Pulse 130, even if you dont include the land rover part. Keep up the blog i very much enjoy it. Jon

  2. Hi Jon.

    Thanks for the nice comment

    I presume that you were referring to the information on the Ambulances Page and many thanks for the correct information I will use that to update the page. Interesting that it is wrong, because it comes from the UK MOD at

    If the Army don't know how big their land rovers are how much faith can we have that anything on that document is correct

    This is the problem with this type of research - there is a lack of referenced information and that leads to information being used again and again without it being corrected. I try and reference my sources, but i did notice I had missed that one so I will do so as I correct it



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