Saturday, 1 July 2017

Be Positive

On the recent trip to Anglesey, and afterwards as well Katy suffered from a slew of electrical issues 

I chased loads and loads of symptoms 

All the advice I got was "check your earth". 

Well I did and it wasn't a problem, but what eventually was identified as being the problem thanks to a mate in the SWLRC was in the positive connection.. so here is a shiny new one and all is well with the world (well Katy's electrics anyway) 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Anglesey Unplanned

The plan was simple - head to Anglesey in convoy with SWLRC, No plan other than that 

The start wasn't so simple it took a new top hose and ... 

Plenty of cleaning up to get us going

It was a wonderful night camping in Builth Wells

And they all looked as good in the morning

 Then we went to Claerwen Reservoir Dam. Scene of the famous 1986 Land Rover Advert

And on through the lanes, sometimes taking the correct route ...

 All to end on Anglesey where Land Rover was apparently thought up by Maurice Wilks and his brother Spencer Wilks

And a quick trip to Red Wharf Bay where the first design was drawn in the sand

Sadly Katy had had electrical gremlins all the way up so after I managed to start her I decided on a non-stopping (of the engine) run back

I did stop just south of Snowdonia as the view was so wonderful - here she is with the engine Running

Friday, 16 June 2017

Up Up and Away...

2:00 pm CD doesn't work...
2:30 pm It does ...

not me ... good customer service so I'll happily give them a plug

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Land Rover BAR

Well we didn't win the Americas Cup, and last weeks crisis at my work meant I could not be doing more prep that I wanted to be doing on Katy, but none of that stopped the Land Rover BAR team putting on a good show down at the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club

I dropped in to see what was on show and as expected it was the new stuff.

First of all to look at is the new Velar. its a smooth looking vehicle and comes heavily loaded with a lot of driver facilities and I am sure its got a decent processor inside (do car reviews need to start listing that like PC reviews ?)

It was open and I was invited in.. so even if I can't afford one I now have at least sat in one.

It seemed a bit roomier than the Evoque which is good in my mind, but I would still have the seats a little less bucketed if it was me. The multiple displays with movable controls (you can drag and drop controls and displays between them) really do make it feel like something for the Star Trek generation (thank goodness that's me)

Its not released yet of course, but I hear that orders are coming in well and that's got to be good for the company to keep it looking after people like me driving its "heritage range". Thanks to James for the fascinating overview.

The key item for the day was all the children being taken out sailing and that was really good to see, I was over age for that part of the event, but it was a good chance for me get some pictures anyway, and a really nice chat with the CBYC team.. they nearly convinced me to get back on the water and do some more sailing

And finally I got taken for a ride in a Discovery 5 on the display circuit. Its larger and roomier again of course and an incredibly capable vehicle with some obvious Land Rover Heritage

As you can tell from my inane questions I'm not up to speed on the modern Land Rovers... of course if they want to lend me one I can practise :-)

Here's the video (click on the picture and it will open a new window) with some static pictures below

Overall an entertaining couple of hours, some truly impressive vehicles, and good luck to the Land Rover BAR team next year 

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Not Quite an Ambulance

As this blog is Ambulance focussed and as Land Rover have created an ambulance related vehicle it only seems fitting to share it

As they want their news shared I am sure they won't mind too much if I borrow an image

Click the picture to see their story

Friday, 26 May 2017

Cardiff Car Show 2017

With a successful MOT and a cleaned Katy I planned to head out for the Cardiff Car Show early, to meet up with the rest of SWLRC and then drive in together.

Two problems delayed me from doing that: -
  • Server / network maintenance had over run at work 
  • I could not find my keys anywhere
The latter was the biggest issue as the lost keys had the house key on and I had worries about leaving in case someone had picked them up. 

A full 2 hours later I found the keys in the garage where I had obviously put them and was finally able to set off and belatedly join the team at the event. 

Overall it was a good show, better than 2 years ago certainly, I think the new location is starting to gather people in or maybe that was just the excellent weather

The SWLRC highlight of the day had to be Pete Phillips entry in the main ring, which I was able to record with my new camera  

Saturday, 22 April 2017

MOT 2017


Tyre valves were the only advise, annoying as they were replaced when I had new Wolf wheel rims only 5 years ago and I have actually had 2 fail - so definitely not a good batch of rubber used to make them

But the fix is cheap and I will get it done soon before any big runs

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