Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Success !

 After all the trouble that the relatives of this little chap have caused it's time for some good news

BTW this is Cedric the Covid. He's not really dangerous because he's made out of wool if you had not guessed!

This is Katy sitting outside the MOT station waiting for the test.

And this is her at home having passed! :)

Given how much of her has been apart in the last few months and how much effort it has been to put her back together I have to admit being a little nervous that the tester would spot something I had missed. So I was really pleased to get a pass certificate with just one minor advise on an item that had not been part of this work. 

As always a few minor things have been spotted after the shakedown cruise to home so she's actually going to stay up at the workshop for a short time longer whilst I do those (one of the minor points was a weeping oil cooler pipe) and then she will be properly home and allowed on the new drive and hopefully not drop any fluids on the new blockwork

Monday, 1 March 2021

New Glass, Peeling Skins

I've had some great news that the windscreen has been fitted. I did not think that I was up to that job so happily it was done for me by Paul and Mike two experts with a lot of years experience and who did a quality job in a very short time 

Its amazing how much having a windscreen in place really makes it look like the job is progressing well. There are loads of things that I can get on with now that's done, but before I can move ahead there is actually one more welding job (remember a couple of posts ago I said all the welding was done, actually I had forgotten something) 

The door bottoms were rotten and were causing some bimetallic corrosion and the only way to resolve that is to peel open the door skin, clean up pretty much everything. put in new door frame

Here it is part way through the process where the new frame has been put in by Steve the welder and given a quick coat of primer

After that it was a case of paint everything and then put the door skin back in place with sealant to ensure that there is a separation between the steel and the aluminium door skin. 

And then where there had been corrosion on the outer surface it had to be filled, sanded and repainted. 

Monday, 1 February 2021

Modern Art

One of the few things that I can get on with at home is cleaning up clips and parts for the roof rack which has been safely stored at home whilst the rest of Katy has been in the workshop being welded 

One of the more messy jobs was to prime and paint a set of clips to hold wooden walk rails onto the roof rack. 

I think that after 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of Hammerite and leaving that all to dry on a section of old plant seeding tray I've got quite an advanced piece of modern art (Land Rover style) 

Next stop the Turner prize methinks :)

Saturday, 30 January 2021

A New Hope

 Hmmm... I wonder where I've heard that before?

Well 2021 is a new hope in lots of ways, we have a new vaccine on the way and there is a lot of ex metal on the floor. Here for anyone who wants one is a self assembly kit for a Land Rover bulkhead 

It's actually "a new hope" because the fact that I am sweeping up means that the bulk of the cutting and shot blasting is done (otherwise there would be little point in any cleaning) and these are the remnants of the work that Steve the welding expert has done while I've been locked away from visiting. 

He's keen than I am able to get on for a while now, so has made sure that I can visit my half of his workshop in a socially distanced manner for a few visits now. Something that I am very grateful for and will take in a very responsible manner as and when I am able 

Thursday, 31 December 2020

2020 Review - What a year!

 What a year! 

It started with such optimism about getting out and visiting places and we had the Welsh Festival of Land Rovers to look forward to

I even got around in January to finishing off some of the Solar installation (however I'm still not happy with it this will be revisited in 2021 hopefully) 

Then of course in February we started hearing that there could be something nasty going around and we learned all about Covid-10. March came and the weather got better and we were still waiting for some clarity on what was going to happen and then as march was about to leave us we were all asked to stay at home and not meet up with anyone.

What an optimist I was.. 

April was when we started clapping and I thought it was fun to include Katy in some of the pictures, but I was so embarrassed about the way she looked 

that as May came along I know I thought give it a quick rub down with a sander, a coat of paint and it will be good to go when things free up in the summer. 

Soon everyone was debating whether to wear masks or not and it meant not a lot to me because during June I was wearing one for about 6 hours a day whilst sanding the multiple layers of paint off the roof and sides of Katy. 

I added the first coat of the new colour to the roof and I congratulated myself (I was so over optimistic!) and by July I was congratulating myself on getting the sides painted as well 

Things certainly moved on at pace that month because I got the rear step welded up and I moved her from our drive up to Steve's workshop where the really hard work could take place. By the end of that month she was devoid of wings, windscreen and we could see the real state of the sections that needed attention. 

In August the cutting started and I repaired the wings ready to go back again and then in September we managed to move her into the workshop proper (with the help of a Massey Ferguson industrial tractor and the cutting and welding could really get started. 

Welding started we had some good progress at first 

However, later in September we had "local lockdown" in  Wales with constraints against crossing county boundaries which was a disaster for the project because despite being only 2.5 miles away, Katy was in a different county. A lazy way to restrict things IMO by politicians, and a real nonsense because I was working mainly alone, could easily stay away from Steve because the workshop is a set of barns, but rules are rules and things went on hold :(

Towards the end of the year there was a brief opening of rules before we were locked down again. during that time I managed to rub down and ready for second coat some sections where Steve the welder wasn't working (social distancing managed at all times)  

So in summary 

Things are looking better on one corner where the welding has finished

but its still work in progress 


Sunday, 6 September 2020

Heavy Metal - Part 1

 Ok, it's just the start of one corner, but the rebuild has started properly now with some real metal going back in place of the fresh air and rust that was in this position just a couple of days ago. 

Just a quick spray of primer to keep any moisture away over the weekend and it will be back to it on Monday. There is a long way to go and a lot more to do before she will be back in one piece, but it's a positive step forwards

Friday, 21 August 2020

Cutting Corners

I knew that the corners were bad, but the full extent of the rust can only be seen when the inner panels have been cut off... 
It's actually a bit better than it looks because some of that is just surface rust and can be treated, but we will be replacing those bits with metal instead of "just air" which leaks when it rains

More panels are on route from P A Blanchard as I post this and we plan to get back to this next week