Saturday, 9 February 2019

Welsh Festival of Land Rovers 2019 Bookings open

As readers here will note we were proud to have inaugurated and taken part in the Welsh Festival of Land Rovers 2018

It's a display type event hosted by the South Wales Land Rover Club with limited spaces and we have booked our place for 2019 as the bookings are now open 

Click the picture to read all about it and make your bookings

Friday, 23 November 2018

Favourite Corner Shops

We all have our favourite corner shops.

  • The places where to got your sweets when you are young, 
  • The place where you can get a drink when you are 18 or above (or close to that)
  • The place where you can pick up something nice for the lady in your life
  • The place where you can get something for your Landy
I'm lucky enough to have somewhere in the last category just around the corner (OK a few corners). 

They are now quite used to me going in and asking for something odd and it not being the standard catalogue part. In fact my attempt (successful in the end) to purchase an exhaust is still remembered by the guys who kindly brought a whole selection until we found the one that fitted

Monday, 15 October 2018

Discovery 5 Red Cross car

Last year I wrote about something I called "close to an ambulance", a Red Cross vehicle under development by Land Rover referred to at the time as the Project Hero concept car.. well it certainly looks impressive now 

From the Land Rover media pages ...

The vehicle, developed from the original Project Hero concept car is the result of an 18-month collaboration between Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations and the Austrian Red Cross. 

The specially designed and engineered Discovery has the latest communications equipment, including an advanced eight-rotor drone. A long-range thermal imaging camera fitted to the drone is capable of spotting a person from 440m and can identify a vehicle at almost 1,000m

Based on a 258PS  3.0-litre TD6 Land Rover Discovery, it allows emergency crews to reach remote disaster zones quickly in all conditions, then provide instant updates to improve response times and co-ordinate emergency planning

 And they include a video of Ed Stafford (excellent "nutter" to watch on TV) doing a training run...Click the picture to be taken to the video

Friday, 5 October 2018

127 club meeting

Last weekend was a wonderful meeting for the 127 130 Owners Group in Shropshire at the Farm of Tony and Ruth

There was so much fun to be had looking at the other vehicles and sharing build ideas and adventure stories that we did not leave the campsite on Saturday

Here we are parked next to Ash and Gill's excellent Locomotors - they have wonderful adventures in it as can be read on their travel blog

When it comes to vehicles we were a bit outclassed by the Ex Military "going to the pub" vehicle which the owner found out did 4 gallons to the mile and has sat in the field since

it was a good job we spent the day on site because there was a constant stream of extra's turning up such as Heim and Mel's excellent Pulse conversion with the additional roof height - the second one of these I have seen and it's an excellent idea on a flat roofed 127

Joe's Paella was another highlight of the weekend - Yum... I went back for thirds :)

The next day we went about 9 miles to a cafe... about 1 of that on Tarmac which is excellent. Tony and Ruths "Cambulance" in the lead, Les and Jane's "Dreamcatcher" and us bringing up the rear.

Here is a selection of the pictures

Monday, 24 September 2018

Land Rovers in British Military Service - coil sprung models 1970 to 2007

From Amazon 

For anyone interested in the coil-sprung Land Rovers that have served (and still serve) with the British armed forces, this book is a must. It covers first-generation Range Rover and Discovery models, as well as the One Ten, Ninety and One Two Seven, their Defender successors and, of course the Wolf XD derivatives. Coverage deliberately ends at 2007 to respect current military sensibilities. This unique and extensively illustrated book describes and illustrates British military use and adaptations of these vehicles, and also contains comprehensive vehicle lists and contract details. The book is a sequel to British Military Land Rovers, the leaf-sprung models, by the same two authors (published by Herridge & Sons in 2015).

From Me 

The first book clarified a lot of the history of Land Rover Ambulances and I had the privilege of getting some advanced information from the Authors which I was able to use on the Land Rover Ambulance History page.

Now I have received the book and it looks to have even more wonderful information that I am sure will compliment and clarify the details .. I need to read it cover to cover now and then do an update which will be in line with fair use principals - if you want to read it all I highly recommend the book

To Purchase 

Land Rover Katy is not a money making project, if you are going to purchase this book from Amazon ( not a specific recommendation as it may not be the cheapest), THIS LINK benefits the UK Olympus camera user forum (not for profit user group). We would appreciate your support by clicking through that link

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Katy goes to Blackpool Rd!!!

This post is for Ceris and Jim

Excellent hosts with s drive that is JUST big enough!

Katy is in a lot better condition and was a lot better behaved than last time she was in Preston, the day after we bought her

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