Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Eyes have it (or not)

I'm working on improvements again

this time it's lighting which is a bit hit or miss ( a bit too miss to be honest!)

The passenger sidelight was faulty again !

So off with the lens and out with the bulb and yes once again it was a loose connection

So enough is enough and I need some new ones

Trouble is I've seen different kits available so I'm going to need to ask for help from those ever helpful Land Rover forums

So here are the pictures that I'll need to ask for help

This is a closeup of the passenger side light from the rear

This is the whole headlight area showing the original Army Green

And these do not look like any of the standard connections I've seen on lighting kits

And whilst I'm at it - these are the light switches most of which I still can't work out and get anything working when I operate them .. and what is that knob on the left ?

I hope to have some answers soon, and when I do I'll add them here

Monday, 29 August 2011

You Need Friends

One of the best things that has happened to us since getting Katy is the response that he gets when we go and see people. It's often one of amazement, but it's also one of approval and pleasure.

This weekend we popped into see three old sets of friends and we had a unanimously warm welcome from all of them.

First of all was some of my first friends I made when I moved to Cardiff, Chris and Judith who now live "oop north". OK well only about about 20 miles away which is no real real distance and therefore no real excuse for either of us, but we don't get to seem them as much as we should. We were amazed when we finally realised that we'd bought the tax disk after 6 months and they still hadn't seen her so we used the occasion of a Big Birthday to pop in our our way up north.

Both loved her and we've already been invited to drop in after caving conference which would definitely be another katy type event.

Next was another Chris - Christine this time. An epitome of a fun loving bubbly blond if ever I met one! 

Chris has a small house and has also recently had a birthday which we'd not been able to celebrate so we headed off with "Mas vino tinto!" (More red Wine) and Chocolate fudge cake in hand to see her and the mad spaniels she shares her house with. It's a small house and whilst we know she would put herself out for us there's no real reason to make her do that when you can turn up with your own bed in tow !

It even gives somewhere to hide from the mad spaniels !

And finally, but no means least we stopped by to See Hazel and Alan (Judith's Mom and Dad) on our way home. This pair have been real adventurers in their time and I've loved hearing their tales of just getting on with it over the years. They have been the sort of people who's ability to have adventures is inspirational. They had an old Series 3 90 themselves in prior years and I've known that Alan would love to see Katy for some time, but it's been necessary to get the gearbox working before we went visiting.

Alan gave us a really good smile and then one of the most complimentary comment we could get ... "Can we have one !"

So all in all a fantastic couple of days and we've had a really great time - so thanks to you all for making us all feel so welcome and we look forward to seeing you all again in the very near future.

BTW We also spotted an old Series in an almost collapsed barn on our walk. I'll need to take a camera next time I go walking up there.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WWW = Wet Weekend in Wales

A Wet Weekend in Wales, well at least in part.

We went down to St Davids in Pembrokeshire and once again Katy was wel behaved on the run, however once we got there the heavens opened and we had rain pouring into the passenger footwell again. So out with more silicone sealant and I've tried to cover up every possible hole

Another of the leaks was around the cable where the solar panel feed comes in whioch was more worrying because it was above where we store the bedding ... the solution ... even more silicone sealant.

On the good news front the new shelves in the rear cupbaord worked really well and the smells have all gone now we're replaced the wood in the kitchen cabinets 

Sunday was beautiful and we had a fantastic day out followed by a really smooth run home in light traffic so we're much more confident about going for a run now all seems bedded down from the last trip

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Cupboard Love

Since our trip to Anglesey we've not had a lot of time, but there are some jobs that need to be done before we go away again

Replacing the fridge is going to be a long job, so for now it's been removed because I needed to replace all the wood in the cupboards because someone had spilt something which had soaked into the wood and now stank. We suspect rancid cooking oil. So this type of mess stank !

 Which was hiding this type of mess

Has been replaced with nice clean plywood which has been varnished so if there are more spills it can just be wiped clean and we don't get back to the same problem. As you can see a nice big gap for a new fridge

And whilst I'm there here are the new shelves for the rear cupboard - I mean who needs a wardrobe in a camper van anyway. it's not like the wife will be needing her evening dresses in the middle of a campsite is it?

Hopefully all this will be finished in time for next weekend

Whilst working today we resolved another problem. Another stinking mess in Katy has turned out to be the washer bottle - full of what looked like a bacterial soup - so bad it smelt awful and it gummed up the pipes. All has been cleaned out and works fine now

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