Saturday, 11 June 2016

Out and about in the Sunshine

Rhian's Classic Mini has "caught rust", OK you can't catch rust, but it is an occupational hazard of classic vehicles so Rhian had to use Katy to get to work the other day.

It was the girls first time out together unsupervised and by all reports of being waved at by other Land Rover owners and smiles from Rhian it went very well.

The reversing camera was used to full effect getting Katy neatly in the white lines and right back close into the plants - good parking girls!

The next weekend we headed off to Cheddar to do some fun caving with Robin Gray the famous cave artist and the rest of our ISSA friends and stopped off on the way back for a wonderful picnic in the gorge

And tonight we are celebrating a 50th birthday which is exactly what a portable bed (camper) is useful for

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