Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Stopping Would Be Nice

I recently noted a new undesirable feature of the brakes. 

It took two presses of the pedal to come to a stop. Some advice suggested this would be one of two things, master cylinder or brake adjuster. 

The last time the brakes were adjusted for the MOT Steve had commented they did not feel quite right so that was the obvious place to start

It's an easy job to remove the hub cover 

And you can see the corroded adjusters in the wheel - everything felt a bit unmoving or smoothed off so it had to be cut-off

Then we hit the problem the kit provided did not seem to fit as the bolts in the front hit the brake pads. There seemed to be no sensible combination of the washers that could be made to made to fit with the adjuster so we made up a new next of washers that got the cam in the right place

But even then the bolt on the front still hit the pads so it was decided to resort to an angle grinder to get the final setting

Since fitting them I have found this useful instruction leaflet which does indeed say that you need to file down the bolt on the front of the kit so we were not too far off

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