Monday, 21 September 2015

Margam 2015

With the demise of the Tredegar House car show last year the petrolheads of South Wales had to find somewhere else to go.

Margam Park has proved to be the place and we had a fun day out with the SWLRC

Here's a picture of part of our stand

And Katy looking even better with her new front sign

We ended up as the site "tea stall" as the proper ones ran out. Not selling mind - up to people to donate to our charity bucket.

There were other cars there as well.. some worth a picture, as it;s always too crammed in at these shows to take a decent picture of a whole car here are some samples of details

And I saw this nice MMBi rebuilt 110 Ambulance/camper - it's ex St Sohns Ambulance with a full body refurbishment

The original plate has been retained in the rebuilt body

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Chocks Away

Yesterday was the day for the Annual South Wales Land Rover Club Road run, 

A great event for which we were "promised" good weather so you can imagine our delight to be standing waiting for the start at Asda Dowlais top in the rain

I'm not sure whether it was the delays, but I think we were all very happy to jump into warm cars (well most of us) when we were given the off. 

The first part of the route took up up past Pontsticill and Talybont reservoirs, but with the rain there was not really much point in stopping so the first stop we had for a picture was this "convoy collection" location as we came out of Brecon town

After that it was a nice run up through to the Eppynt Ranges where we stopped at one of the entrances for a photo shoot with the Reg Danger flag flying behind us

The new decals looked good apart from the front one I messed up applying (another one is on order)

And we took the opportunity for a picture with Rhian looking on as a WAAF and me in an RAF boiler suit fixing things underneath (nothing actually wrong).

BTW the Series to the left is wearing a "Red Arrow" suit for the event... the event was fund raising for the Welsh Air Ambulance hence the RAF in particular and general military theme.

From there it was up to Builth Wells for lunch where we saw an impromptu rocker cover gasket re-sealing and then back to base via a very narrow bridge on the old road from Bwlch to Llangynidr.

All back safely it was time for some pictures so I stated with a simple picture of Katy in her new decals

And then with Rhian and Wendy in their WAAF outfits

I was then asked to do a photoshoot with our three Land Army girls and with Peter's Series 1 Land Rover

Which looked really good being a farmyard vehicle again

It wasn't just the Series that ended up in pictures as this nice 110 was posed in the sun

And this Series II (A I think) made a nice picture driving into the field in the sun

All in all a wonderful time and hopefully we have raised a decent sum for the Welsh Air Ambulance 
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