Thursday, 21 May 2015

Cardiff 2015

The Pencoed car show having been washed out from the field it was in too often has resulted in a change of location to the Cardiff City Football Club Car park

Good for the road cars, but I#m not so sure that Land Rovers look so good on tarmac

Here's Katy in the Line up

And another view showing we are really at the football ground


We went to open up Katy for the year and had a really nasty shock

The roof was black with mould all around the skylight I fitted last year :-(

After some rapid removal of the mould we were left with the view below. The insulation was sopping wet so all around the skylight it I took it out as well

Something to note was that there were 2 ceilings, the original Ambulance ceiling which can be seen on the left below, covered in grab adhesive, and the "tidy" roof as you can see from the section that is still up

Up above the original ceiling I found the original air vent. I don't know why that space wasn't used 

After a lot of hard work including an awful lot of sealant and filler to block every possible space it now looks like this. We are trying to decide whether to varnish it and leave it wood colour or whether to paint it white

It's been a learning - when drilling holes don't apply twice as much sealant as you think you need, apply four times as much 
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