Monday, 24 July 2017

Proud as Punch - Kelmarsh 2017

You have to arrive before 8pm said the instructions for the Kelmarsh show and despite that being a real challenge to get there after work, we made it in time for the last of the sunshine, so here we are in the evening golden glow of the last hour of light 

The next day the dawn broke not so sunny but it was still a fine day as long as you avoided PC's Rhys and Huw who would give you any number of tickets as they buzzed around in their 'Mini Me'

The organisers tried hard to avoid fact that the the weather was getting windier, and even had a go at launching the Land Rover balloon. I'm sure it made it at least a foot off the ground, but was fun to watch all the same

Later on the sun did come out and the SWLRC stand looked excellent even if our awning was a little sad (it did cost £35.00 after all). We had quite a few visitors and it was really nice to meet Les and Jane from the 127 club and listen to all the excellent work they have done on their vehicle.

Events in the main ring tended to feature either mud, or shiny things like below and were vaiously watchable depending on the weather, but given the level of interest we had in Katy it was not that easy to get to watch things on the weekend days (Friday there were not so many people there)

Out of the arena one of our members was saved from disappointment by the Challenge South West team.  Thanks guys if you ever need a jump start in South Wales I am sure we will do our best to return the favour!

In my area of interest there were some lovely ambulance vehicles. 

Too many to show here, but in highlight 2 absolutely top notch camper conversions based on Pulse Land Rovers in the North Wales Land Rover club, and this pristine looking one (on the outside at least, it is also a camper)  

And in the stand next to us this cracking Locomotors - also a camper conversion with LPG conversion to feed the original V8 which is still in place

Finally we had a team photo at the front of Kelmarsh Hall

And then one just of Katy

Finally, finally we were incredibly honoured to be singled out for this wonderful certificate

As she is a work in progress I came home armed with a load of spares and even more ideas on how we should improve her so my To Do list is even longer

All in all a fun weekend was had by all of us and I am sure that we will make a return journey at some time future

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Be Positive

On the recent trip to Anglesey, and afterwards as well Katy suffered from a slew of electrical issues 

I chased loads and loads of symptoms 

All the advice I got was "check your earth". 

Well I did and it wasn't a problem, but what eventually was identified as being the problem thanks to a mate in the SWLRC was in the positive connection.. so here is a shiny new one and all is well with the world (well Katy's electrics anyway) 

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