Saturday, 3 October 2015

Working Window (nearly)

The passenger side window mechanism has been getting worse and worse and it's not usable any more as there is the risk that we won't be able to secure Katy

So today I made a start on refurbishing it (I had meant to do the whole job, but read on)

Once you take off the inner panel you can see the whole mechanism. it's not complex, but to do anything with the window you need to remove that steel panel

There was plenty of surface rust, but overall it was not too bad for something over 25 years old

Once I had removed the glass I removed the channels (as I had bought some new plastic ones from the Series 3 Club)

And then after some work with a wire brush there was plenty of rust killer painted all over anything that did not look like decent green paint

Whilst I was there I added some more insulation. She is a camper after all so every bit helps

And then the rebuild started

and back to a nearly useful door

The problem is that the bottom door regulator channel was a lot more rotten than I thought it was so I am going to purchase a new one and then the job will be done properly instead of my bodging it with adhesive

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