Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Cardiff to Arras

Our fist real adventure. People keep asking where we've taken Katy so it was about time and we booked with Alpine Rovers to do green laning in the Italian Alps

The next set of posts are being added retrospectively as we did not have enough Internet access to post them at the time.

We’d taken Katy on a few runs so the trip to Dover didn't really hold any concerns and it went as smoothly as expected, with just a stop at the services where we had a meal and bought Rhian a new charger for her phone as the multi outlet one I had brought along wasn't giving enough power. We ran so well that we arrived at the ferry terminal an hour earlier than planned and the nice people at P&O put us on an earlier boat.

The request that I turn her hazards on was the first problem. It was so long since I’d tried it I could not remember which switch it was, but soon rectified and we sailed into the priority lane for departure off the boat and parked up proudly showing off the plate from the charity road run we did recently 

A chilled out time in the club lounge above with the “complimentary” fizz (do they think we don’t realise that we’ve paid for it?) and we came back to see her just as we’d left her, well nearly the same. 2 small drops of Oil on the deck. 

Up and out and we were in France, a whole new Katy experience

A quick run down the Peage to Arras and we settled for out first night in France which was so warm we had all the doors windows open, but peaceful and a good start

What have we learned so far.
  1. There are different types of USB car chargers with different levels of output. The one I had bought would not charge Rhian’s phone so we had to get another. We need to consider this when we install more power outlets
  2. The information I brought on things like the fridge working was inadequate and I need to write a manual for all key equipment with simple fault finding and resolution not have to wade through detail that’s not useful. E.g. I should know more about the fridge and split charger unit. I need to understand how to troubleshoot it more effectively

Damage / Problems so far
  1. I'm not happy with the fridge on gas it’s not getting as cold as expected. I should have done more testing
  2. There is a clicking in the relay that has been fitted for the split charger unit. I have a concern that this may mean some current draw from the main battery so we'll need to keep an eye on it.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Cardiff to Langorse for the Air Ambulance

Getting Katy was about many things and fun was high on the list 

This event was all about that, and making money for charity too. It was a road run from Cardiff to Langorse for the Air Ambulance charity

The team from SWLRC gathered at the start, minus us at first because Katy would not start with a flat battery so I am now the proud owner of a new Ring battery charger purchased from our Local Halfords (thank goodness they had it on stock) with instant charge so you can start your vehicle from the mains - wonderful gadget so I have no worries recommending it 

picture from Halfords web page - used as fair use, get in touch if you disagree and I'll take a picture of my unit

We did make it in time for the group picture. Rhian and Misty at the front there on the left

With all the vehicles at the side of the road we looked a wonderful sight. Stratstone have never had so many excellent vehicles on show

Including Chris's excellent ex-military Land Rover fully decked out and ready for action

There was of course plenty of opportunity for people to admire the new offerings from Land Rover, no-one succumbed, but I think Martyn was tempted

But we were soon off on the run which you can watch highlights of here

Another stop at Likes of Brecon where some of the team took on the off-rad course to get their tyres dirty including Wayne and Amanda's "Wobble" still looking good after the photo shoot at Blaenavon they did for Classic Land Rover Magazine

And then to the fun and games at the lake including the Knobbly knees competition

Here we have our Chairman Edwin and Noel Harper our guest for the day and Chairman of the Land Rover Enthusiasts club from Dunedin, Otago  (in the black T Shirt) comparing. Neither won!

Many people admiring Peter's wonderful Series 1 and he even let people do things in the engine bay whilst we were there (Brave man)

And just to prove we were still enjoying ourselves as the sun went down

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