Saturday, 20 August 2016


A few weeks ago I took the unusual step of posting a picture I did not own in the hope of finding out where it was taken as it had katy in it.

Some suggestions were made on line and via email, but finally I had to write an actual letter. A few days later I got this wonderful response from Major Hunter officer commanding the 4th Scots
Good afternoon Andy ,

The photo of Katy was taken in Bourlon Barracks Catterick , I currently command HQ Coy 4 SCOTS who now occupy the Barracks and can see the image minus Katy from my window.

I don’t see why we cannot organise a visit for you to take a similar photo of Katy in the same position, let me know if this is something you would like to do and I will try my best to facilitate.
So we took him up on his offer, sadly he was not there to meet in person, but the guards on the gate were very helpful and we were able to get in as promised.  First we drove around to find roughly the right place

Then we dressed her with her original number plate we have for display use.

And were able to re-create the original picture minus of course all the civilian ambulances in the background

We all had a wonderful visit with the guard team having a good look around (I think they were more checking the quality of the bedding than the security aspects, but we all know soldiers have a hard life at times)

If any of the team read this all we can say is the same we said on the day - Many thanks!

I would like to visit the remaining places she was stationed some time, Manston is non operational but is the home of the Spitfire Museum so that is as good a reason as any, Croatia is possible, but I think at the moment Rwanda is not possible

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