There are many pictures in the Blog entries

If you want a quick look here are some of my favorites
Pictures from eBay before I bought her




Her Military Identification Plate

What she looks like in the sunshine

It's amazing any light got out of these

Oh S**t ... that will be a new gearbox them !

Back Home with a Friend

Out With the Old Gearbox

And not a moment too soon for that

And in with the new one

With new gearboxes we went off to Anglesey

And Stopped off on the way back in Snowdonia 

Which looks remakably like Table Mountain in South Africa that she's already visited

Back home we focussed on electrics

I eventually gave up and sent her to HBH who did a very nice job

I had a little trouble lifting her up for the Waxoyling and ended up using 2 jacks to rescue the situation

And I covered me as well

Some Military pictures of her in service

What she looks like now in 2016

 Hope you enjoyed them and you can see plenty more in the blog stories


  1. Hi, We like the layout of your Land Rover camper. Do you have more photos of the interior and the measurement of the various componets? We are looking for a 1990s ambulance/camper to take a tour through Africa with. Do you know of any that are for sale? It has to be LHD, have a diesel engine with 5 speed gearbox.
    Regards Mike and Sue

  2. Dear Mike ans Sue

    Many thanks for the comment and I hope you fond what you are looking for

    There are some more pictures of Katy's internals and there is a lot of useful information about conversions and about possible vehicles for sale on the 127 Ambulances Owners group

    That really is a useful place for anyone interested in such vehicles

    If you don't find Diesel/5 Speed and LHD Don't give up as all of these are conversions that are possible on a Land Rover. Katy was originally Petrol and converted to have the Discovery 300TDi and Gearbox she has now. She wasn't converted to LHD, but she's been right thought Africa

    Anyway Best wishes to you on your plans and if you are ever in the Cardiff Area come and take a look at her we go to most of the local car shows



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