Sunday, 21 April 2013


We've just had a fabulous weekend away with the South Wales Land Rover Club.

Katy did her best to stay at home with a split fuel pipe dumping diesel on the drive, and allowing air to get in and stop the engine running, but a quick fix by James Holt in his local garage got us going and we were away

The weather for once in wales was superb and we had some real fun looking at the geology on Amroth beach and also in Landyspotting a fun challenge set for us to get our picture with as many Land Rovers as possible in the day

So here's a set of me looking gormless with the 1st of the day being katy of course and the rest around and about

This last one was in Tenby where the deailer who's forecort it was on said he'd not has so much interest shown in that vehicles for ages. Sorry mate - Just tyre kickers no buyers today

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