Friday, 23 November 2018

Favourite Corner Shops

We all have our favourite corner shops.

  • The places where to got your sweets when you are young, 
  • The place where you can get a drink when you are 18 or above (or close to that)
  • The place where you can pick up something nice for the lady in your life
  • The place where you can get something for your Landy
I'm lucky enough to have somewhere in the last category just around the corner (OK a few corners). 

They are now quite used to me going in and asking for something odd and it not being the standard catalogue part. In fact my attempt (successful in the end) to purchase an exhaust is still remembered by the guys who kindly brought a whole selection until we found the one that fitted

Monday, 15 October 2018

Discovery 5 Red Cross car

Last year I wrote about something I called "close to an ambulance", a Red Cross vehicle under development by Land Rover referred to at the time as the Project Hero concept car.. well it certainly looks impressive now 

From the Land Rover media pages ...

The vehicle, developed from the original Project Hero concept car is the result of an 18-month collaboration between Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations and the Austrian Red Cross. 

The specially designed and engineered Discovery has the latest communications equipment, including an advanced eight-rotor drone. A long-range thermal imaging camera fitted to the drone is capable of spotting a person from 440m and can identify a vehicle at almost 1,000m

Based on a 258PS  3.0-litre TD6 Land Rover Discovery, it allows emergency crews to reach remote disaster zones quickly in all conditions, then provide instant updates to improve response times and co-ordinate emergency planning

 And they include a video of Ed Stafford (excellent "nutter" to watch on TV) doing a training run...Click the picture to be taken to the video

Friday, 5 October 2018

127 club meeting

Last weekend was a wonderful meeting for the 127 130 Owners Group in Shropshire at the Farm of Tony and Ruth

There was so much fun to be had looking at the other vehicles and sharing build ideas and adventure stories that we did not leave the campsite on Saturday

Here we are parked next to Ash and Gill's excellent Locomotors - they have wonderful adventures in it as can be read on their travel blog

When it comes to vehicles we were a bit outclassed by the Ex Military "going to the pub" vehicle which the owner found out did 4 gallons to the mile and has sat in the field since

it was a good job we spent the day on site because there was a constant stream of extra's turning up such as Heim and Mel's excellent Pulse conversion with the additional roof height - the second one of these I have seen and it's an excellent idea on a flat roofed 127

Joe's Paella was another highlight of the weekend - Yum... I went back for thirds :)

The next day we went about 9 miles to a cafe... about 1 of that on Tarmac which is excellent. Tony and Ruths "Cambulance" in the lead, Les and Jane's "Dreamcatcher" and us bringing up the rear.

Here is a selection of the pictures

Monday, 24 September 2018

Land Rovers in British Military Service - coil sprung models 1970 to 2007

From Amazon 

For anyone interested in the coil-sprung Land Rovers that have served (and still serve) with the British armed forces, this book is a must. It covers first-generation Range Rover and Discovery models, as well as the One Ten, Ninety and One Two Seven, their Defender successors and, of course the Wolf XD derivatives. Coverage deliberately ends at 2007 to respect current military sensibilities. This unique and extensively illustrated book describes and illustrates British military use and adaptations of these vehicles, and also contains comprehensive vehicle lists and contract details. The book is a sequel to British Military Land Rovers, the leaf-sprung models, by the same two authors (published by Herridge & Sons in 2015).

From Me 

The first book clarified a lot of the history of Land Rover Ambulances and I had the privilege of getting some advanced information from the Authors which I was able to use on the Land Rover Ambulance History page.

Now I have received the book and it looks to have even more wonderful information that I am sure will compliment and clarify the details .. I need to read it cover to cover now and then do an update which will be in line with fair use principals - if you want to read it all I highly recommend the book

To Purchase 

Land Rover Katy is not a money making project, if you are going to purchase this book from Amazon ( not a specific recommendation as it may not be the cheapest), THIS LINK benefits the UK Olympus camera user forum (not for profit user group). We would appreciate your support by clicking through that link

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Katy goes to Blackpool Rd!!!

This post is for Ceris and Jim

Excellent hosts with s drive that is JUST big enough!

Katy is in a lot better condition and was a lot better behaved than last time she was in Preston, the day after we bought her

The Unknown North

Rhian had always wanted to visit Northumberland, but for various reasons it had not happened

So this was the year for the adventure. Northumberland is a wonderful and mostly under populated county. After a number of castles, one of the classic places to visit is Holy Island so we did, and here is some evidence.

We did not stop there other than for the picture and that was when there was no traffic coming onto the island so we were not in anyone's way while we did.

The way you get there (and back) is the tidal causeway which we had plenty of time to admire because we were not daft enough to leave it until the last minute to try and get off the island

It only took a few minutes for a "baby Land Rover" to come and obey parking rules ... its amazing how small a Discovery looks next to Katy. 

After some days at the coast we headed inland and our next stop was Kielder firest where the only rain we had on the trip interrupted our planning a little. There was a crash on the main road to the forest and lucky for the owner of a Mercedes camper van we were directed onto the back roads 

They had tried to be nice and gone onto the verge to let someone past which is not a good idea in a 3 ton 2 wheel drive vehicle with road tyres. The people trying to push it were getting nowhere fast and it was just digging in so they were really pleased to see us arrive with Katy and a suitably strong piece of rope. 

Knots done..

A bit of reverse gear...

out it popped..

The owner was really happy to have been rescued by the UN! 

After that we made our way down to Hadrian's Wall where some almost unbroken sunshine made up for the poor weather we had just had. No Katy in these as she had to stay in the car parks... nice bit of walling though 

And the obligatory picture of Sycamore gap. I'm almost shocked there is not a post in the ground stating "take picture from here" the number of people who must have done so

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Getting into the Festival Spirit

Another excellent publication has featured our work - well to be honest they were given the opportunity on a plate as I wrote the words and took the pictures

The Landy is a free Land Rover magazine which is as good a reason as any to give it a plug.

So in the September 2018 issue on Page 8 you will find this article (Click the picture below for full sized image)

The event was so successful that we have been asked to organise another display and parade at the Usk Show .. watch this space

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Welsh Festival of Land Rovers 2018

A wonderful display of Land Rovers were on display at the Royal Welsh Showground on the weekend of the 19th & 20th of March

This was the Welsh Festival of Land Rovers 2018, an event which I was proud to be one of the organisers of.

The idea originated last year and after some discussions with both the club and the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society it was agreed early this year that we (the South Wales Land Rover Club)  would organize and host an event as part of the Gŵyl Wanwyn Frenhinol Cymru / Royal Welsh Spring Festival.

Something like that does not happen overnight and it took a lot of work from the members of the SWLRC and it turned out to be a fantastic event.

Katy was there of course and we were proud to be parked next to "Lola" who was one of the original Land Rover owned 110 demonstrators for the duration of the event. Two definitely disreputable ladies (well if you consider occasional breakdowns to be disreputable!).

We were not the only specialist camping vehicle on show and there were many fine interpretations of what makes a good camper from a massive 6x6 vehicle that has been designed for an upcoming round the world tour, to this excellent camel styled Discovery conversion created by Richard of the SWLRC.

There were some strange vehicles on show and nothing looked more strange than this which is the Classic Land Rover magazine Marrakesh Express. It wasn't sporting a new style of roof tent (although nothing would seem more normal on such an already outlandish vehicle), that was the helter-skelter in the fairground behind us.

The main theme of the event was to show the variety of Land Rovers and how they had developed through the last 70 years since they were launched. We would have liked to have a 1948 vehicle, but had not been able to source one in time, but we were very happy to have this 1949 Series 1 which was the first Land Rover to be registered in Radnorshire and therefore a most appropriate vehicle to take place in our display.

There were other fine old vehicles on show as well. Here is Pete from SWLRC explaining the intricacies of the Series 1 engine to yet another interested visitor.

Not all the Land Rovers were old. There were some excellent rebuilds and conversions and not just for camping purposes. This one had had an engine replacement and was a superb sounding vehicle even when standing still as you can hear in this short video clip

Even when parked it was quite a superb looking vehicle as you can see with its twin exhaust setup showing. It came up in the pickup bed behind the truck cab

And at the heart of it the SWLRC stand which was visited by literally hundreds of visitors across the weekend.

The one aspect I am unable to share pictures of is the wonderful parade of land Rovers which took place on the Saturday afternoon. That's for the simple reason that I was the host and commentator for the event and therefore I was unable to take pictures or video.

The premise was to show the development of the vehicles through the last 70 years from the Series 1 shown above right up to a brand new Evoque 

The earliest production vehicle was Colin Pugh’s 1949 Series 1 which was the first land Rover to be sold in Radnorshire to the then Major ( Later Lord ) David Gibson Watt (note – a real war hero if you want to look him up It has undergone a full, but sensitive restoration in recent years and really does look in good condition.  

With a 1951 and then 86” 1955 following it was easy to show the changes that came along even in these early years. 

Series 2’s were represented by a wonderful 2A pickup which had been a complete rebuild and a very rare 2A Shorland Northern Ireland Police border patrol. Having this at the show was a real highlight and was only possible because of the wonderful weather as its owner Clive Elliott explained “The vision out of it’s small bullet proof viewing port (it’s too small to call it a windscreen) is so bad in the wet it is not safe to drive in those conditions”. 

Amongst the Series 3’s we had Bryn Jones’ 1972, still used as a working vehicle and still with it’s original engine. Coiled Sprung models were led off by “Lola” - An original Land Rover demonstrator for the 110 and with a number of special conversions including Tony Johnson’s superb 6x6 vehicle designed for an upcoming world tour, and “Katy” one of only 48 Marshall’s 127 Ambulances made (see the Landy issue 17). 

Discovery and Freelander’s interspersed the Defenders and the parade was completed with a brand new Evoque which the local Land Rover dealer Likes of Hay on Wye which was complete with a 70th anniversary design.

Many thousands of people same to see the display and as with all such events the success would not have happened without a lot of hard work from the members of the SWLRC.

Suffice to say that this was a great success and one that we hope to be able to repeat in a future year - or maybe even something bigger and better :-)

Monday, 30 April 2018

Spitfires were still in the air

1948. Spitfires were still in the air and the Land Rover was launched on April the 30th in Amsterdam 

Picture from Land Rover media collections used under license

We re-created this post wartime theme on a SWLRC Road Run a few years ago with three stunning Womens Land Army girls.

for the doubters out there... The WLA lasted until its official disbandment on 21 October 1949

The Landy April 2018

Thanks to The Landy magazine for featuring our SWLRC and friends event in the April 2018 edition 

To read the whole issue (which is excellent value as it's free to download or pick up in Land Rover shops) click here

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Welsh Festival of Land Rovers

We are proud to be helping to arrange the inaugural Welsh Festival of Land Rovers hosted by the South Wales Land Rover club

The poster says it all ... click for a bigger version to print and share ...

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Audio Killed the Radio Star

It's been quiet on here, but busy in the background because I have been working hard with friends from the South Wales Land Rover Club on preparation for the Welsh Festival Of Land Rovers

As part of that two of us  (Tom and myself) were invited to present a short interview on the DRIVETIME program hosted by Ian Edwards about Land Rovers on the GTFM local radio station.

It was fun,  Ian was an excellent host and had a good laugh at my use of visuals in the studio which if course did not come across on Radio. We were able to give the event a good plug which is what we were aiming for

If you want to listen to it just CLICK HERE to play the MP3 file 

Monday, 5 February 2018

Welsh Festival of Land Rovers

Here is an event which Land Rover Katy will be at and we are happy to support

If you would like to bring a vehicle please contact Marc and complete an entry form  
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