7 April 2017
Full Service and MOT

New Leisure Battery

23rd July 2016
New Turbo hose as one split last night

6th May 2016
New Skylight professionally fitted this time

12th April 2016 - MOT
Brakes adjusted, a new section of brake pipe and a bit of welding in a footwell

4th and 18th of March 2016
Electrics sort out.
Fitted new reversing camera, fog and spotlights

27th July 2015
Fitted new Raptor Dashboard

1st April 2014
Fuel injector pump refurbished
New Fan Belt Tensioner
Timing Belt Cover replaced (grumbling bearing)

6th July 2014 
New Fiamma skylight replaced again as it was rubbish

19 Jun 2014
New windscreen wipers

12th Mar 2014
Rear brake adjuster replaced

12 July 2013
Service 148,500 miles, Oil change, Checked Gearbox, Transfer Box, Topped up Diffs, New Oil, Fuel and Air Filters, Greased prop etc.

28th Feb 2013
New Track Rod Ends, Mud Shield and Rear Brake Pads and Master Cylinder for the MOT

31st Jan 2013
Fridge and split charger fitted and gas checked over professionally

8th December 2012
New 25mm Front Extreme 4x4 anti Roll Bar

18th November 2012
New Upgraded 28mm Extreme 4x4 rear anti Roll Bar

11th November 2012
New Mudflaps completed fitting

25th October 2012
Fitted new front springs from Flatdog and new Procomp ES90000 shocks as well

4th September 2012
New Wolf Wheels and extra long studs fitted, tubes removed as these new wheels and tyres are tubeless

23rd July 2012
Rear Anti Roll Bar Linkages

13ht July 2012
Fitted new rear 130 Azalai style springs from Flatdog and new Procomp ES90000 shocks on the rear as well

6th June 2012 and 9th June 2012
Fitted some replacement seats that we got from Peter in the SWLRC and repaired

 30th March 2012 
 A whole load of painting to improve the looks and keep some more bits protected 

15th March 2012
A new 3 way fridge installed removed as as it was rubbish

15th Jan 2012
2 New inner tubes, another new tyre and a new jack

8th Jan 2012
Fitted new intercooler hose

15th October 2011
New rear section of exhaust

1st October 2011
Waxoyling - Part 1

21st September 2011
All new lights fitted by HBH Land Rovers of Caerphilly

04th September 2011
New paint on the front corners, light surrounds and radiator grille

14th August 2011
More woodwork and now the windscreen washer works

1st July 2011
Sorted out problem with fuel pipe and put the interior back and took her for a test drive with the new gearboxes - Smooth !

29th June 2011
Cleaned and freed up linkages on the Transmission brake, Refitted it and both Propshafts

28th June 2011 - 143,300 miles
1:1.6 ratio Transfer box replaced with refurbished one from Ashcroft Transmissions with 1:1.4 ratio to improve top speed and reduce revs at cruising speed. Also new Air filter mounting bushes

24th & 25th June 2011 143,300 miles
Gearbox  replaced with refurbished one from Ashcroft Transmissions
Also fitted new Clutch, Clutch Fork & Slipper pads, Engine Mounting Bushes

1st June 2011
Working wing mirrors again !
Much of the rest of the underside now cleaned up ready for oiling

29th May 2011
Replaced the instrument cluster lighting switch so now it works (sort of) in the dark, and cleaned up about half the underside

7th May 2011
I found the loose connection that was causing the fuel pump to cut out and resolved it

30th April 2011
Fitted slatted shelving overhead in the cab which will be a great place to keep bedding when we're travelling

22nd April 2011
A nice day so I spent much of the day cleaning every nook and cranny that I hadn't managed to get to yet

7th April 2011
Full service by Steve Walford, Timing belt changed 143,000 miles

2nd April 2011
5 new tyres - General Grabber 235/85/R16 size

19th March 2011
Fixed the indicators properly this time (until I replace them with new ones)

12 & 13th March 2011
Completed rebuild of the bed, got the gas & water fully working and a darned good clean of the front end

7th March 2011
New 18mm plywood floor and shelf for the gas bottle store and started the repair of the table that makes up the bed

4th March 2011
Finished the Jet washing including the roof - good news - no leaks

27th Feb 2011
Thorough clean of the front end and 1st clean of the interior

Refitted Passenger side front indicator which was non functional - looks like just a bad connection - I will need to sort out the repeater on the side

Refitted battery as the connectors were corroded and I wanted reliable starting

20th Feb 2011
New Battery. (Fitted by Halfords .. Well they did offer and it was raining)

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