Saturday 11 February 2012

MOT 2012

She Passed, She Passed, She Passed

2 Advisories... Number plate on the back is discoloured (so what!), and track rod end gaiters starting to split

Both jobs that cane be done on a nice sunny day when I feel like it

Yippee a whole summer of fun coming up


  1. Well done - following Katy's exploits with great envy, you're clearly a braver man than I ever was! Toby

  2. Thanks Toby

    Kind words indeed. Me Brave .. No!

    If I knew what I now know about Land Rovers she may not be here now ...

    I'm glad I was ignorant of so many things because the fun we've had bas been worth the few moments of stress along the way.

    If you are ever in South Wales please feel free to contact me and drop in and see the old girl... she's 1/2 my age this year - her 25 and me ... well you do the maths


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